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ICBC UnionPay Dual Currency Credit Card

Apply Online using a mobile device

Apply Online using a PC

Other Application Channels

Gentle Reminder: If you have any enquiries or feedback about the Online Credit Card Application, please contact our 24 hours Customer Service Officer at 65-63695588 for immediate assistance. Existing ICBC credit cardholder, please click "Other Application Channels" to download and complete the Simplified Credit Card Application Form to apply for additional ICBC Credit Card(s). 


★ Enjoy up to 8% cashback on purchases^

^Terms and Conditions Apply.


★ Enjoy great savings with No Administrative Fees for all transactions made in RMB

RMB/SGD currency exchange charges will be waived whenever you make payments with this card in Mainland China, you can enjoy more privileges and savings!


★ Low RMB Cash Advance Rates

The cash advance rates are as low as 3% of the transaction amount or RMB 9.00(whichever is higher) for cash advance withdrawals via ATM in Mainland China.


 Payment By RMB or SGD

All transactions made in Mainland China are charged directly in RMB, and you have the flexibility to pay this amount in RMB or SGD. For all other transactions made outside Mainland China, pay with Singapore Dollars.
Choose to pay your credit card bills with SGD easily through AXS, Internet Banking, Cheque and even over our sub-branch counters, or pay with RMB over our sub-branch counters all over the island. Enjoy greater convenience when you sign up for Auto-payment with your ICBC Current Accounts.


★ Most Accepted Credit Card in China

While ICBC provides comprehensive service networks and self-service facilities in Mainland China, UnionPay is the only bank card institution for RMB settlement in Mainland China. The cooperation between ICBC and UnionPay will thus provide excellent RMB facilities for the cardholders.


★ Enjoy Global VIP lounge service at high-speed railway stations and Airports

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and DragonPass now jointly offer Global VIP lounge service at high-speed railway stations and Airports to all ICBC UnionPay Dual Currency Credit Card customers. All qualified card holders can enjoy VIP lounge services at high-speed railway stations and airports globally.

Promotion period: from now till 31 December 2019

Gentle reminder: All DragonPass points will expire at the current year end. You are required to undergo the registration process again for 2019 to enjoy the Global VIP lounge services.

Promotion details:
1. From now till 31 December 2019, all ICBC UnionPay Dual Currency Credit Card  holders can receive a total 6 DragonPass points. For every visit to VIP lounge at the airports, 1 point will be deducted per person and for every visit to VIP lounge at the high-speed railway stations, 0.5 point will be deducted per person. You can enjoy up to 6 free visits to VIP Lounge at airports or up to 12 visits to VIP lounge at high-speed railway stations. When there are only 0.5 points left, it can only be used at high-speed railway stations’ VIP lounge.

2. Customers can bring guests along to enjoy the VIP lounge service at airports and high-speed railway stations. The free DragonPass points given to customers will be deducted according to the number of guests’ customers brings along.


User manual
Log on to the application link:

Or scan this QR Code for registration

For more information, please refer to User guide for VIP lounge service at the high-speed railway station and airport for registration.  

★ Waiver of Annual Fee for 3 years


▲ Eligibility

Principal applicant must be aged 21 years and above and have a minimum annual income of S$30,000.
Supplementary applicant must be aged 18 years and above and be a family member of the Principal applicant.


▲ Secured Card

If you are unable to provide the necessary income documents or satisfy the minimum income criteria, you can apply for a secured card which requires a minimum fixed deposit of SGD 10,000. Terms and conditions apply.



 ICBC Singapore Credit Card Cardmember Agreement

▲ ICBC Singapore Branch Account Terms

▲ Important Information