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Notice on Extension of Service Fee Exemption of
ICBC Express on Corporate Internet Banking

Against the backdrop of the escalating COVID-19 epidemic, ICBC assure you that the bank will do the best to support our corporate clients to do online cross-border remittance. We have been granting a special offer on service charge of ICBC Express since 18 March 2020. Because of the extended circuit breaker measures in Singapore, we decide to extend the above offer to May 31, 2020. During this period, the service charge will be waived for corporate internet banking customers to remit through ICBC Express.

ICBC Express provides remittance service in multi-currency, enabling fast remittance to branches and subsidiaries of ICBC around the world and covering a wide area. Depending on ICBC’s global clearing network and leveraging the interconnection between ICBC’s domestic and overseas branches, ICBC Express can transfer funds to the receiving account in a rapid way.

The special offer will be held at the end of May, after which the service charge of ICBC Express will be resumed. Further notice will be given if the period of the above offer changes. For more information, please visit our official website(

Thanks for choosing ICBC.


April 22, 2020