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Shareholding Structure(As at 31 December 2019)

Name of 
Type of 
Total number of 
Shares held
Percentage in total 
A/H shares(%)
Percentage in total 
A+H shares(%)
A shareholders: A shares 269,612,212,539 100.00 75.65
——Central Huijin A shares 123,717,852,951 45.89 34.71
——MOF A shares 110,984,806,678 41.16 31.14
H shareholders H shares 86,794,044,550 100.00 24.35
Total of A&H 
A & H shares 356,406,257,089   100.00

Note: (1) The above data are based on the Bank’s register of shareholders as at 31 December 2019.
(2) According to the Notice on Comprehensively Transferring Part of State-Owned Capital to Fortify Social Security Funds (Cai Zi [2019] No. 49), Ministry of Finance of the People’s Republic of China transferred 12,331,645,186 shares to the state-owned capital transfer account of National Council for Social Security Fund in a lump sum.