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Personal Internet Banking
Enjoy the ease of managing your account at home with ICBC Personal Internet Banking. You can check your account balance, transaction history and monthly statement anytime anywhere. Using internet banking to remit money to China allows you to save 50% on commission charges, plus many other benefits. ICBC internet banking won the “Best Consumer Internet Bank in China" award from "Global Finance" U.S.A for 8 consecutive years. We strive to provide you with the best online banking service 24x7.

1. Key Features

(1) Welcome page
Our welcome page shows the verification details you have with us to confirm that you have login to the correct webpage. If you notice anything suspicious you should logout immediately and contact our staff for clarification

(2) Balance and Transaction details
Under My A/C menu, you may check your account balance and transaction history for all the accounts you have registered to your internet banking, including credit card. You can also view or download your monthly statement under My A/C menu.

(3) Transfer and Remittance
Our internet banking allows you to make different types of transfer and remittance order.
Current-2-Current, transfers between your own accounts registered under internet banking, allows currency exchange using real time rate.
Single Transfer, transfer to other ICBC Singapore accounts, instant credit to beneficiary account is safe and reliable allows different currencies to exchange mutually using real time rate.
RMB fixed-rate remittance: your best choice for remittance to China, we offer attractive exchange rate, safe and fast.
Non RMB fixed-rate remittance: remit currencies other than RMB to any major countries and banks at lowest cost.
ICBC cross border remittance, remit currencies other than RMB to worldwide ICBC branches, fast and reliable.

(4) Credit Card Service
You can do Spot repayment, check the basic information, consume details, check list, and bonus points of your credit cards via internet banking.

(5) ICBC Messaging, notify you any change to your account balance, make you feel safe about your account at all times.

2. Application Requirement

18 years old and above;

For Singaporean & Singapore PR - NRIC;

For foreigners - valid pass issued by ICA (more than 6 months validity), passport (more than 6 months validity), address proof, such as PUB bill, other bank’s account statement, phone bill, etc.

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