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Primary Market Bond Investment

I. Introduction
The volume of the Asian bond market has grown substantially in recent years. In the current low interest rate environment, compared with developed markets with low yields, emerging markets, especially Chinese US dollar bonds, have advantage in terms of coupon and valuations. Investing in Asian offshore bonds can help investors diversify market risks and optimize asset allocation.
Since 2013, ICBC Singapore Branch has completed numerous offshore bond issuances for supranational and government agencies, state-owned enterprises, financial institutions and other corporations.  Types of products include plain vanilla bonds, perpetual securities, convertible bonds and private placement denominated in USD, EUR, CNH and SGD.

II. Features
A variety of fixed income products allows customers to enjoy relatively stable interest returns in this rapidly evolving market with uncertainty, and bonds with different currencies and maturities can meet different types of investment allocation and risk management needs.

III. Contact Us
For institutional investors, please contact us via Bloomberg or with the details below if you want to know more:
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