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User Guide and FAQ

I. Featured Functions

1. How to download the bank statement?
Customers may check, download and print bank statements through corporate internet banking. The bank statements contain the account information and the transaction log sheets, and meet the needs of customers for account checking and statistics.
★ Click here to see the steps to download a bank statement

2. How to download MT103 receipt?
MT103 receipts are documents of payment details generated when customers make international transfers through the bank. Customers may download MT103 receipts in PDF through corporate internet banking.
★ Click here to see the steps to download an MT103 receipt

3. How to download MT940 SWIFT message?
MT940 is a format for customer bank statements sent by the account bank to the bank where the account holder is authorized to receive the bank statement, which contains all active transaction information of an account to facilitate the centralized account management of the customer.
★  Click here to see the steps to download an MT940

4. How to make a quick check of the remittance status?
Customers may check the status of their remittance instructions through corporate internet banking, and ICBC Singapore Branch may track the real-time progress of the remitted funds with the SWIFT GPI technology.
★ Click here to see how to check the remittance status with GPI

5. How to register corporate PayNow and make payments?
Customers may register your account for PayNow by linking SGD Current Account to your Unique Entity Number (UEN) using ICBC Corporate Internet Banking.
★ Click here to see how to register corporate PayNow and make payments

6. How to use ICBC Batch Remittance?
You can submit, approve and check batch remittance instructions in corporate online banking. With our easy-to-use Excel template and client tool software, you can upload and process your batch remittance instruction file via ICBC corporate online banking.
★ Click here to see the steps to use ICBC Batch Remittance

7. How to manage Fixed Deposit?
The fixed deposit function of ICBC Corporate Online Banking provides a service that allows you to perform transfer from corporate current account to corporate fixed deposit account. You just need to open a corporate fixed deposit account and link it to Corporate Online Banking to enjoy better yield on your surplus funds.
★ Click here to see the steps to manage Fixed Deposit

8. How to carry out Remittances?
ICBC corporate clients can complete remittances as well as operations such as instruction submission, instruction inquiry and instruction approval through ICBC Corporate Internet Banking.
★ Click here to see the steps to perform Remittances.

9. How to use Online Payroll Service?
ICBC Singapore Corporate Internet Banking can help corporate clients make self-service payroll payments in a convenient way. With this online platform, corporate clients can complete payroll management online, such as instruction submission, instruction inquiry, instruction approval, and payment account management.
★ Click here to see how to use Online Payroll Service

10. How to use ICBC Express?
ICBC Express provides remittance service in multi-currency, enabling fast remittance to branches or subsidiaries of ICBC around the world and covering a wide area. Depending on ICBC's global clearing network and leveraging the interconnection between ICBC's domestic and overseas branches, it can transfer funds to the receiving account in a rapid way.
★ Click here to see ICBC Express User Guide

11. How to use ICBC Messenger?
"ICBC Messenger" is a service provided by ICBC which sends business reminders to customers’ mobile phones or mailboxes via SMS, email and mobile APP. This function can help you prevent the fund security risk caused by fake base stations and fraudulent SMS messages, allowing you to instantly receive the messages of corporate assets changes, and help to protect account and transaction security.
★ Click here to see how to use ICBC Messenger

12. How to open targeted income/expense function
Targeted income/expense in settlement accounts refers to the service of control seting up on the settlement accounts' counterparty according to the agreement between ICBC and customer, including targeted collection, targeted disbursement, and targeted collection/disbursement.
★ Click here to see targeted income/expense function user guide 

13. How to apply diversified authorization
To satisfy special needs of corporate customers for authorization management, corporate Internet/mobile banking of ICBC Singapore Branch supports the division of authorized personnel into level 1 authorized persons and level 2 authorized persons. As part of the service, external remittance can be made through multiple forms such as single-person authorization, and multi-person combined authorization.
★ Click here to see how to apply diversified authorization

14. How to use Multi-transaction approval
Multi-transaction approval means that a corporate customer can authorize multiple remittance/transfer instructions at one time through the ICBC Singapore Corporate Internet Banking system
★ Click here to see Multi-transaction approval user guide 

15. How to Login to ICBC Corporate Internet Banking for the first time?
ICBC corporate clients can perform account information management, payment and collection, centralised fund distribution and investment management through ICBC Corporate Internet Banking.
★ Click here to understand how to login for the first time

16. How to carry out Transfers?
ICBC Corporate Internet Banking supports transfers between local ICBC accounts. Funds are transferred in real-time and there are no transaction fees.
★ Click here to see the steps to carry out Transfers

17. How to download e-slips?
E-slips provide detailed information on past transactions that will assist in verifying transaction details. You can view, download and print e-slips through ICBC Corporate Internet Banking.
★ Click here to learn how to download e-slips

18. How to use Scheduled Remittance?
Scheduled remittance can be used to perform remittance automatically at a later date based on the trigger conditions set by users and required fields can be pre-filled beforehand.
★ Click here to learn how to use Scheduled Remittance

II. Corporate Internet Banking FAQ
If you need to reset your login password to the corporate internet banking or password of your E-token, replace or reapply for a new E-token, unfreeze an account, or add or delete an account, please contact your corporate customer manager, fill in the Corporate Internet/Mobile Banking Application&Modification Form(click to download), and mail it to 6 Raffles Quay #23-01 Singapore 048580 (with the receiver being your corporate customer manager).

III. Contact Us
Your business and needs mean a lot to us. If you have any questions, please contact your customer manager or our 24h customer service hotline + 65 6369 5588.
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