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ICBC Business – Corporate Mobile Banking Application

ICBC corporate mobile banking allows customers to access their corporate accounts at all times, and makes account management easier. With the popularity of smartphones, mobile banking is favored by many customers for its convenience, safety and timeliness. As another channel of the Internet, mobile banking breaks away from the dependence of internet banking on computers and fixed network lines and allows users to enjoy banking services anytime and anywhere.

1. Login (2FA or fingerprint): Customers may log in with both knowledge factors (user IDs and passwords) and ownership factors (E-token) or intrinsic factors (fingerprints). Currently, the fingerprint login is available only on iOS devices.

2. Account management (account breakdown): Customers may check their detailed account information at all times, including account name, account information, account status, account type, available balance and current balance. Customers may also check their detailed transaction histories on the App.

3. Electronic receipts: Customers may check their previous transaction receipts, and generate QR codes to check previous transaction details.

4. ICBC Messenger: The App allows customers to check their customized account settings on their cellphones, including account modification alerts, scheduled balance reminders, cash pool collection and distribution reminders, business processing reminders, time deposit expiration reminders and transaction authorization reminders.

5. Instruction authorization: This function allows corporate authorizers to check the current instructions to be authorized, authorize separately or in batches through mobile banking, and operate instructions to be approved anytime and anywhere, which meets customers' demand for teleworking.

6. Smart reminder: Customers may check their previous transactions and to-do lists by timeline, and process instructions to be approved conveniently.

To enjoy the advantages that ICBC Business has to offer, Customers will need to open and maintain an account, apply for internet banking and mobile banking with us.

IV. Start to Use
ICBC corporate mobile banking is applicable only to customers with corporate business accounts in Singapore. The App shall be run on devices of iOS 8 or higher versions or Android 5.0 or higher versions. Now visit GooglePlay or AppStore to download "ICBC Business".


V. Notes
Click here to download Corporate Mobile Banking User Guide
Click here to download Corporate Mobile Banking FAQs
Click here to download Corporate Mobile Banking Terms&Conditions

VI. Contact Us
Your business and needs mean a lot to us. If you have any questions, please contact your account manager or our 24h customer service hotline at + 65 6369 5588.
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