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Featured Services and Function

I. Featured Services and Function

Account Management

I. Introduction
The Internet banking can provide a set of services including account information inquiry, downloading and maintaining. After being authorized accordingly, group enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises can check the balances and transaction details of the accounts held by the headquarters/parent companies and the subsidiaries at any time, and get informed of and monitor the fund activities within the enterprise real time. Available functions include account balance inquiry, account activities on the current day inquiry, historical account activities inquiry, bank slips inquiry and electronic reconciliation of accounts.

II. Target Client
This service can be widely adopted. It serves companies scaled from tiny ones to super-large group enterprises

III. Features. 
★You can view, download and print the statement within one year, and our bank can also generate customized statements.

Transfer & Remittance

I. Introduction
Online remittance refers to all online services of fund remittance and transfer. Clients can make RMB remittance/transfer to corporate accounts at all domestic banks in a single or batch mode.

II. Target Client
Banks which need agency services of payment and settlement.

III. Features
★With a wide coverage, corporate clients of any domestic commercial bank can be reached.
★Various methods of remittance. Instructions of single remittance and batch remittance can both be processed.
★The function of Payee Name List is practical and convenient.


I. Introduction
ICBC Express provides multiple-currency remittance service to transfer money swiftly to ICBC’s branches worldwide. It enables funds to be transferred to beneficiary accounts in a second via ICBC’s global clearing network, which is ideally suitable for the enterprises that open accounts with ICBC branches in more than one place.

II. Target Clients
It's applicable to global remittances in which both the payers and payees have accounts in ICBC.

III. Features
★Service in multiple currencies: ICBC Express supports remittance where beneficiary and payer use the same or different currencies which include USD, RMB and SGD.
★Global coverage: ICBC Express can transfer money to ICBC accounts in nearly 30 countries and regions, given that the local regulatory requirements are met.
★Fast transfer: Remittance instruction can be submitted and authorized at any time during 00:00-18:00 (Singapore time) on business days. Money can be transferred among over 10,000 ICBC outlets and arrive in full within 15 minutes at the fastest.
★Traceable status: The progress of remittance can be viewed on the Corporate Internet Banking. Such functions as reminder of arrival and progress enquiry are available.
★Lower charges: ICBC Express charges no more than 10 US dollars for each cross-border remittance and no additional fees.
★User-friendly: Remittance information can be saved for repeated operation.

Online Fixed Deposit

I. Introduction
A service for customers to open fixed deposit account, draw money or look up the account via Internet Banking. Fixed deposit accounts can be short-term, medium to long term.

II. Target Clients
Corporate customers who wish to open fixed deposit account via Internet Banking.

III. Features
★Anytime, anywhere
Handling time deposit businesses through internet banking breaks through the limits of time and space.
★Easy to operate and save time and effort
Customers may open, withdraw and inquire about their time deposits online without going to the outlets, which reduces cumbersome operations at the counter and allows easy use.

Corporate PayNow

Corporate PayNow is a service that allows your business to collect and make payments in Singapore dollars instantly.  PayNow is a simple and fast electronic transfer service that replaces bank account information with the recipient's mobile phone number, ID number, UEN or PayNow QR code.

II. Target Clients
If corporate customers want to receive payments through PayNow, they must have a SGD account with a PayNow participating bank, and at the same time register the corporate UEN with the bank as the PayNow identification type

III. Features
★Secure: Receive payments into your SGD current account with your Unique Entity Number (UEN)
★Simple: Make payments to individuals and businesses without revealing your account number
★Seamless: Use QR code to facilitate instant transactions through Scan & Pay

Diversified Authorization

I. Introduction
To satisfy special needs of corporate customers for authorization management, corporate Internet/mobile banking of ICBC Singapore Branch supports the division of authorized personnel into level 1 authorized persons and level 2 authorized persons. As part of the service, external remittance can be made through multiple forms such as single-person authorization, and multi-person combined authorization. If an enterprise wants to approve a request for remitting a relatively low amount of fund with only one authorization, it can select the single-level authorization and set up the remittance limit. If upper limits of remittance in different amounts require the approval of multiple persons, the multi-level combined authorization is recommended.

II. Target Clients
Corporate internet banking customers who have the diversified authorization needs.

III. Features
★Flexible: can be customized according to customer needs
★Safety: Funds can only be remitted after authorization, which provides more protection to corporate cash management.


II. Risk
Please keep your corporate Internet banking client token and password safely, avoiding risk of account information exposure or fund stolen due to loss of security token or password.

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